Something About Drifting

by Trycheck

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Trycheck goes sailing on the melancholy seas.


released September 23, 2014

Michael Trycieckyj: vocals, guitar, keys, percussion, drums, viola, theremin,

Marly Pred- vocals 1
Jeremy Smith- additional guitar and programming 1,2 production 2
Kevin McCall- additional guitar 2, acoustic guitar 4
Catelyn Huang- violin 3
John Hyland- guitar 5
Ian McCarthy- baritone saxophone 5
Alex Walker- tenor saxophone 5
Joe Sostek- trumpet 5
Kyle Jackier- trombone 5
Juliet Mellon- vocals 6,7
Jason Shu- cello 7

Artwork by Eric Huang

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Michael Trycieckyj



all rights reserved


Trycheck Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The home-made indie music of Michael Trycieckyj

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Track Name: Closer
How can we come full circle
If I'm only one-sided, you never decided
Standing in the spotlight before you
If there's a part to play, then there's hell to pay
I know you know and how am I supposed to feel
When a light in the dark's slowly dying
and I wish you could stay, don't let me burn away

Slowly, so slowly

I'm getting closer than I'd like to
Before I run away
And there's nothing that I might do
I'm a shade of grey

My head's in the clouds and it's raining
And it's filling the sea between you and me
You said something about drifting
And now this is the part where you stole my heart
I know you know and how am I supposed to feel
Oh, I'm breaking down and now she's coming around
Track Name: Flow
The other night's still in my head and there's so much more I could have said
I feel so bad I didn't hold you there, I feel so bad but you didn't care

Feeling guilty

Flowing out
Round and Round

The backs of cars seem very far but it reminds me of we are
And here I am with little doubt what could have been will never be
Track Name: Hours
It seemed like ours but it was only mine
I gave you love and you took my time
There were holes when I found you
and there were holes when I left
They're mine, all mine
I need to think this through
Before I fall back into you

And so it goes
Where are the people I used to know
They're all falling for each other
and I'll sit back with nothing to uncover

Everything sounds the same
Nothing lost but nothing gained
I don't need to see
I wasted all my time away
Track Name: Colder Than Your Shoulder
Last night I had a dream that I told you everything
I couldn't speak, I only felt your eyes looking through mine
I could've said it all again but it wouldn't change a thing
In lieu of speaking, I just stare hoping you'll read my mind
I twiddle thumbs, you twirl your hair just to pass the time
I should've said it all again if a caged bird can still sing

You drift away from me to a broken rhythm in cut time
Now all that's left behind is a voice saying 'I shouldn't waste my time'
It sounds like mine

The seasons change, the air grows brisk, it's colder than your shoulder
Now say goodbye to summer's bliss and any chance to hold her
I see your storm keeps rolling in and it's clouding up my mind
I guess I'll slip back to my head, it's safer from up there
But when I fall asleep and close my eyes, will I see you again
If I dream it all again maybe someone like you will come around

Now there's a part of me saying no one will ever be by my side
Set a course for far away and I will sail right on by
Track Name: Over and Over
I cannot hesitate
My head's abuzz and I'm on fire
As the thought of you still lingers
My mind is racing
With nervous pacing up and down
Where you were once beside me
Without a word
With every twist and every curve
There's no sleep I can get tonight that'll take me to your morning light
I see you hanging, I feel you dangling all I want right in front of me

I can think, I can dream, do anything in between
Just so you can see what I mean
You've got heart, you can breathe
Let me be your everything
Just for you and you're the best I've ever seen

Over and over

Do you get tired from running round my head all I night?
I think it's time we both came down
Track Name: Broken Lines
Whatever happened to the life that used to live here
It comes and goes in waves and days and years
Looking through windows dreaming of somewhere else
While a note in her hand says 'I wish you were here'
But they don't come round here no more, times are changing
And years have passed and so will we
Looking forward and looking back
Now all we are and all we know will burn to the ground

Give me a reason to keep this alive

Broken Lines, undefined, giving up, getting tired

Peace of mind, out of time, won't survive
Track Name: Never Needed More
On another December morning, I couldn't let it go
Yesterday is but a memory, can we cover it with snow
Don't know what I expected, the thought of you felt so warm
As we were growing closer, though I never needed more
There's no one here to blame for this, nobody's fault but mine
I want to make it right now
Don't leave me far behind

Sometimes it's hard for me to be easy like you and talk like you
and I can't be on all the time
I know, I know, worse things have happened
but you're all I ever wanted and all I never needed
So please allow me to retrace my steps, let me go back to last week
These were the best days of my life so far
Want to let you know that I've done wrong, I never want to hurt you

Here I am now. Here I am now.

Don't know what I expected, the thought of you felt so warm
As we were getting closer, though I never needed more
There's no one here to blame for this, nobody's fault but my own
I want to go back and make it right now
Don't leave me far behind

On another December morning, I couldn't let it go
Yesterday is but a memory
Can bury it with snow
Track Name: New Year
We were sitting there for an hour or so
But it didn't seem very long ago
I spent so much time hiding from you
I turned around and I feel brand new

I'm not the same as I was last year

How do we come full circle?
I'll never look back